This web site is called “Long Rope” because Victor Allen thought it should be named after the family ranch. We do not live on the ranch it is 40 miles east of the town of Fort Benton where we do live.  When Denny’s dad Wayne (Mick) Allen bought the ranch in 1958 he named the ranch the long rope as a joke.   The term using a long rope is a euphemism for cattle rustling.  Some ranchers in the area still joke with each other by asking each other “Come on over for dinner you’ll like the beef its one of yours “.                                 

The Long Rope is currently managed by Rusty and Bridget Clark who farm and ranch in the area.

Before leaving California we spent 6 months dealing with  the brands division of the     Montana Department of Livestock trying to find a suitable brand for the ranch and one that did not look like one which had already been issued.  The Brands Recorder, Darcy Anderson knowing what we were looking for suggested we use LR BAR (L R -)  it will probably never be applied to an animal but sure looks good on a sign.