In June of 2012 We had Jim Ayers and crew rebuild the spillway on the big reservoir, a picture of the reservoir appears in the pictures above. A picture of the rebuilt spillway appears below. On 8-18-2012, Ted Kronebusch and Wally McHenry of Kronebusch Electric with help from Rachel Clark and Rusty Clark installed an air pumping 
Koenders windmill to pump air into the reservoir to improve the water quality and break up the thermal cline.       

Windmill 2

The first windmill on the big reservoir worked so well cleaning the water, we decided to order another one for a smaller reservoir where Rusty’s cattle drink.  July 27th 2013, Ted Kronebusch and Wally McHenry brought the new windmill out to the ranch and with the help of Rusty, Rachel (our water rights lawyer), and  Brigette Clark plus our Grand children set up the new windmill.  All of Rusty’s cattle came down to watch windmill being set up.  Our Grand children Emily and Jacob were staying with us for 10 days and had a great time watching the windmill setup.  The Grand kids helped by throwing rocks at Ted while he was in his boat placing the air line.  Ted got even by throwing a shovel full of water on the kids.