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  Q & A page for questions ask on the AX84 Forum

The reason for this page is as follows:

I frequently post questions on the AX84 tube amplifier forum. Sometimes I would like to show a schematic or go into a more detailed question than would be appropriate for the forum. If I want to expand on a question I will reference this page and give a question or item number and a date.

The AX84 forum no longer exists, so this page will be used to comment on other forums.

When answering my questions please note.  I do not play any instrument, I wear a hearing aid, and I am too old and lazy to learn to draw load lines. Please not too many equations, I still add and subtract by counting on my fingers, I am easily confused by anything beyond ohms law.

 Any builds will be copies of something that already works or I will diddle the bias values until something does work. I will check for output swing and distortion by putting the inputs and outputs into the X &Y inputs of my ancient scope and looking at the Lissajous pattern. 

I am interested in guitar amps because I have a 50 year collection of tubes and I have discovered two dealers with lists of $1.00 tubes. I feel I must build and see my old tubes light up (except the metal ones) and make noise. I hope to build a tube bread board fixture some time and stop asking so many questions of you good people. I received Merlin’s pre-amp book for Christmas, so this should cut down on the questions.