We took a trip through South Western Montana and stopped at Bannack State Park. Bannack is a ghost town and was the territorial capitol before Montana became a state. Bannack was the site of gold mining operations from the 1800s to the 1940s. The State Fish, Wildlife, and Parks Agency has not restored anything but they keep good roofs on the buildings and keep glass in the windows so the buildings will last for many more years. The Hotel Meade was last used in 1940.The Masonic building had a school on the first floor and the lodge hall on the second. Note the stairs to the second floor on the outside. Bannack is about 20 miles from interstate 15 near Dillon,MT.

During our travels we have seen several old abandoned grain elevators, one is South of Havre, MT near the Northern Winz Casino on highway 87. Another is at the former town site of Lothair, MT. on highway 2