Some of you who once lived in a small town may remember when the local movie theatre sent out a monthly movie schedule to every PO box in town which essentially was every one in town. The schedule usually hung in a prominent place in the house and also served as a calendar. Somehow the ones on this page got saved. They were usually thrown out at the end of the month. These were from the Capitol Theatre in Fort Benton, MT. A few years later this walk in theatre closed and a drive in was opened.  To see a readable full screen view, click on the small image.

Some of these schedules had advertisements on the bottom. The scanner could not copy the whole schedule with the adds, so these were scanned separately and are shown below. Check out the phone numbers on the ads.   Fort Benton was one of the last towns in the US to have phone operators to connect callers (hello central, please give me 237 J )  our number was 331W.

Good comments have been received by viewers of the Movie Schedules presented above so we looked for more.  An ad was placed in the local paper (The River Press) asking if anyone had saved any of these.   Bill Reichelt came through with a shoe box full.  Thank you Bill

The Bill Reichelt Collection













There are no years printed on the following schedules, but the movies listed were released either in late 1957 or 1958 so it is assumed these schedules were from 1958.