On November 10 2007 the last DSP satellite S/N 23 was launched from Cape Canaveral pad 37 on a Delta IV Heavy provided by ULA(United Launch Alliance) This was the end of a 35 year program. Denny was there to see it. Denny was an Electrical Test Conductor on 5 DSP launches and had done some work on DSP 23 before retiring in 2000. Bill Moulton got Denny on ULA’s guest list to attend a reception at the Double Tree, a bus tour of the Canaveral test station, and a view of the launch from the NASA OSB building. The pictures with the time stamps were taken by Mary Holcomb at the Double Tree a day before the launch. All other pictures were taken by Denny. The picture of the Delta IV on pad 37 as taken about 10 hours before launch. The pictures of air boats and alligators were taken at the Lone Cabbage Fish Camp, one of the barmaids still recognized Denny after 10 years, must have spent too much time there over the years.