cheap ‘n’ loud

This page is not a list of my buddies old girl friends, but is a menu page providing access to pages of one off guitar and amplifier builds.   

These pages will document some of my builds. All items will have S/N 001, there will be no S/N 002. Once I have built something I will go onto something new. The name Cheap ‘N’ Loud was chosen because all the good names like Fender, Gibson, Marshall, Mesa/Boogie, and Taylor (Link) were already taken. All builds will be cheap but not necessarily loud. Every item will be in the “Python Series” because they will be something different. Some part values may not be the optimum value for the application, but they will work and will be what is available from my junk box, including tubes and semi-conductors.

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Cigar Box Guitar Amp

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1930-10 Amp.