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Judy, her niece Jennifer and her great niece Emily standing in the crawl space for the new home in Fort Benton.

Loda and her great granddaughter Emily.

Four Generations plus an aunt.

Loda, Myrna, Jennifer and Emily (the four generations) plus aunt Judy.

Loda, Judy, Jennifer and Emily and Jennifer's grandfather, Mick who is 102 years old.

Foundation of new house in Fort Benton.

Loda and Judy watching cement being pored.

Judy, Myrna and the contractor standing on the floor of the house.

View from the front porch.

Front view of house.

Back and West side of house.

Kitchen from dining room.


Porch under kitchen window.

Fireplace in living room and looking into dining room.

Living room looking from dining room towards from of house. That's Judy in the chair.

Back deck.

 Pictures of our new house in Fort Benton, where Mom and I moved to after I retired.  Myrna and Denny live here so we are all together now.

Pictures will be taken of two plots of approximately 1 square meter on the Allen's Long Rope Ranch of original unfarmed prairie. These pictures will be taken on every trip to the ranch to show changes with the seasons.  The plots are at 47 degrees 39 min. 22 sec. N       109 degrees 57 min. 26 sec. W      altitude 3240    These pictures have high resolution so they will load slowly.  

9-5-05 plot #1

9-5-05 plot #2

9-27-05 plot #1

9-27-05 plot #2

10-17-05 plot #1

10-17-05 plot #2

4-29-06 plot#1

4-29-06 plot#2

8-16-06 plot #1

8-16-06 plot #2

6-13-07 plot #1

6-13-07 plot #2

7-11-07 plot #1

7-11-07 plot #2

8-1-08 plot #1

8-1-08 plot #2


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