Pictures of the area


Benton Lake

This is the Benton Lake Bird sanctuary near Great Falls,MT

Benton Lake

Old trestle

This is an abandoned rail line crossing Shonkin creek. The old rail bed is used as a road to the ranch house of cousins Jill & Rocky Highfill

Giant Spring

This large spring near Great Falls,MT puts out 7.9 million gallons of fresh water per hour

Giant Spring

Scenic view

This is off highway 87 near Fort Benton,MT


This was planted on the ranch

Square Butte & Round Butte

Virgelle ferry

This is one of two ferrys in Chouteau County

Square Butte bar

The owner calls it the Square Butte Country Club and it has a golf course out back. Only 20 people live in town

Old jail

This is in the town of Square Butte,MT

Harvesting wheat

This is on our town neighbors farm. The Hanford farm


This is near the Hanford farm

Hill climb

The Halter motor sports hill climb near Loma,MT


These are setup in the Fort Benton city park during the fur symposium

The following aerial pictures were taken by Christopher Boyer of Kestrel Aerial Services Inc. They were taken from his Cessna with a camera with a gyro lens.  These pictures are copyrighted and are published on this website  with permission from Christopher Boyer.

Looking South from the North end of town

In the lower left is Myrna's Sisters house. It is yellow. The large building with the small red shed just south of the house is the Sunrise Bluffs where Dennys dad once lived.

Another view of Fort Benton


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