Favorite Web Sites


Forgotten FiberGlass

Kat Richardson

Mister Transistor

11th & Grant

Game of Life

Fort Benton Webcam




Airboat Rides at Lone Cabbage Fish Camp

Panther air boat

Another Panther air boat,  We have all been here. Bud anyone?

And another Panther air boat, Old space crafters, recognize this place?  

River Flow CA

River Flow MT

Falconer Race Engines

Ford Crate Engines

Chevrolet Crate Engines

Mopar Crate Engines

Dedman Foundation                                                                                                         

Fort Benton                                            

Aerial Photos                              

Distributed Computing                                                    

Physics Songs                                                               

Cats that look like Hitler


Pico and Sepulveda

 Honey Badger

Misc. Music

XKCD, Weird sense of humor, Funny, Frequently obscene.



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