In the 80s an officer at ETR drew a bunch of cartoons of the daily goings on around the Cape. Some of you may remember them. I think the artists name was Polski or something like that.  If any one knows how to get in touch with him please let me know.  These cartoons were just a few of many.  The jokes are "in" jokes and you would have to know the people involved to get some of them.  I hope some of the old timers will remember these cartoons.     mda




I think we maybe sneaking up on the identity of the cartoonist, Chris Ihde of Aerospace Corp got the following from Charlie Gross:


His last name was Kozlowski and he was a captain while at the Cape with the 45 SPOS. I cannot remember his first name, but a little bird is whispering "Richard" in my ear. When last heard from, he was planning to go to a casino in the Bahamas as a security consultant upon his military retirement, although I don't know if he ever did it. That is about all I can remember of him.


I have also heard from former AF Sergeant Mitch ODonnell who was featured in one of the cartoons. He also confirmed that the artists name was Kozlowski.

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