Longrope Water System

A well was drilled in the Fall of 2014 for the ranch stock watering system. The well was drilled by Tyrel Hlavnicka of Aquasource. The well is over 400 feet deep and was drilled into and through the Eagle formation. The Eagle formation is a layer of porous sand stone through which water flows. The water is somewhat salty, too salty for poultry and plants but the cattle love it. A Grundfos pump was installed. It will be powered by a propane fueled computer controlled generator provided by Mike Lisk of Remote Well Solutions. The system is now being operated with a manually controlled generator.

The drill rig.

Filling the tank truck with drilling water at the small reservoir.

A beautiful day to drill a well.

Round Butte in the middle of the picture, Square Butte visible on the left edge.





                   https://youtu.be/hkHni9Sg9mE  Adding another length of drill pipe


                   https://youtu.be/4oR8Xq2Fw80  Drilling and taking samples of what’s coming up, for the well log.






Spring 2016, the Sullivan Bros. Construction Company installed 5 miles of plastic pipe for a cattle watering system. The pipe is buried 5 feet deep so that it will not freeze in winter. The pipe is fed through a large hollow vertical plough blade which is like a giant hypodermic needle injecting pipe into the ground. The blade (ripper) is mounted on the back of a D8 Cat which is helped out and steered by a Case IH Quadtrac. The first pass over the route cuts a trench 3 feet deep. A second pass deepens the trench to 5 feet deep. The first two passes require a lot of pull, The tracks on the Cat and especially on the Quadtrac can be seen slipping. The third pass along the route installs the pipe at 5 feet deep. They move fairly fast on the third pass because the trench has already been established. The combined power of both tractors is 1200 horsepower.




             https://youtu.be/jKcgwUcjOWc   Moving West towards the storage tank ,second pass deepening the trench from 3 feet to 5 feet.


             https://youtu.be/g7sIWHiuako   Jens Jensen operating the backhoe, digging a hole to thread the pipe into the ripper and start inserting the pipe in the 5 foot deep trench. Max (Good Dog) Clark running around in the background, Casey Anderson measuring the depth of the hole, Rusty Clark standing by to hold the pipe until it is a few feet into the trench. This is at the 17,000 gallon storage tank valve vault. The Cat D8 and the Quadtrac have been turned around and are now facing East.


             https://youtu.be/oGNZ2sLqlSE  Moving east, inserting the pipe in the 5 foot deep trench. Third pass on this route.   


             https://youtu.be/ykiCfEeruyw  Moving east, passing a fence corner at the South property line.


              https://youtu.be/WkWIvVOkxoc Still moving East, ready to turn North.


             https://youtu.be/uGVZPfRDXvw  Made a left turn, heading North.


                                                                                 Water Troughs

                                    All 7 cattle watering troughs have been installed and hooked up by the Jim Ayres crew.

                                     Rusty Clark has tested the plumbing, and has built protective fences around the troughs.


Installed water trough with protective fence.

Ramp, so birds and other critters can get out of the water.


                                              Installing the Computer Controlled Generator


Mike Lisk of “Remote Well Solutions” and Rusty Clark installed our new computer controlled generator, which will power the well pump. Mike and family hauled the generator in a U-Haul trailer all the way from Cloudcroft NM. To Montana. The new generator is fueled from a large propane tank, and will keep the cattle in water without Rusty having to run out with a can of gasoline for his gasoline generator every day.

Prepairing to unload the generator.

Unloading and installing the generator.





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