Old Blue




The picture above was taken on 8-16-2020.


The thumb nail pictures below were taken on7-2-2009. Click on them to see a larger version.

Grand Daughter Emly with Denny pulling fence posts

Grand Ma Myrna with Grand Kids Emily and Jacob.

Emily and Grand Pa Denny have successfully pulled a fence post.

Grand Son Jacob and Grand pa Denny pulling fence posts.

Denny at the Fort Benton visitors center, drilling holes for a visitors sign.

Denny at the Old Fort drilling holes for a visitors sign.


Old Blue has been a loyal and faithful tractor for 14 years but I am having trouble getting around so I think it is time to sell Old Blue.

I have done a lot of work around town with this TC-30. I have dug post holes for the dog run at the animal shelter, dug holes for fence and gate posts for neighbors. Bartered work with a local contractor, I dug holes for him and he built a guitar amplifier cabinet for me. We turned a vacant lot into a small park by digging holes to plant trees and putting in grass, all with the help of Old Blue. The visitors center and a museum needed some posts set for display signs so Old Blue punched the holes for these sign posts.

Also Old Blue and I drilled some foundation holes for a dugout at a little league field and later drilled holes for a swing set at a city park playground.

Old Blue has had light usage, it was only used in the Summer and spent most of the year in a garage. I never burnt over one tank of fuel in a year It only came out in the cold once when a heavy snow fall required snow removal from the driveway.



New Holland TC-30

30 hp   Diesel


Post hole digger with 2 augers

Hydrostatic transmission

270 hours

4 wheel drive

Locking rear end

New battery 8-20 2020


(406) 622-3250



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