Cigar Box Guitars


It all started when I was disassembling the last pieces of a parade float we had built a few years ago so our grand kids could ride in a parade. The float resembled a steam boat and there were two oak spacers between the smoke stacks. I could not bring myself to throw away the two pieces of oak. They looked as if they would make good cigar box guitar necks. I like the idea of making something from found stuff and junk from around the garage and house. The original oak pieces were sawn from a junk oak shelf. To see the two oak pieces acting as spacers between the smoke stacks, check out the  following steam boat video.

Some pieces I am using are not junk and found stuff.  The tuning machines, cigar boxes, strings, and bridges were purchased from Amazon.  If a traditional three string instrument is being built, you might as well build two and buy a regular set of 6  guitar strings and tuning machines. I am building two.  I do not have the patience or skill to build a fretted neck so the two instruments will be slide only.  The distance from bridge to the nut ( the nut is really a bolt ) is 25.5" so a standard fret board may be glued on later.  Each instrument has two piezo pickups, a disk type on the sound board and a rod type in the ukulele bridge.  See the schematic below. The 2Meg. pots are out and have been replaced with toggle switches. After reading Merlin Blencowe's preamp book and discussing things on the AX84 Forum.  I learned that Piezos should look into at least 10 Megs. The two 2Meg pots in parallel would look like 1Meg.The pictures below are in the thumbnail format, to see a larger version click on it. 

Pickup and pot wiring.

This wiring is out see the next schematic.

New pickup wiring.

This is the new wiring configuration.

Necks & Boxes.

Progress as of 9/26/2015.

Necks at box end.

Pix shows notch cut to clear box top(sound board).

                                                     More details later


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